Employment Mediation resolves staffing issues

BHA Mediation supports you in resolving disputes involving a range of situations and settings within the realms of the employment world.
Such issues include salary negotiations, shareholder disagreements, recruitment and retention, and preventing matters escalating to union involvement.

Working Conditions

Issues including training, safety, working hours, and the general working environment which effect an employees ability to work.


Any situation where there is a case of actual or perceived harassment, discrimination of any kind (sexual, racial, religious etc) or bullying.

Staff Dismissals

Disputes arising over breaches of contracts, unfair or constructive dismissals, redundancy pay, gardening leave and intellectual property.

Contractual Issues

Disagreements over pay, pensions, bonuses/commission or other contractual disputes, including equal pay and TUPE.

Disciplinary Matters

Disagreements resulting from or resulting in grievance or disciplinary proceedings, or failure to adhere to company policies.

Staff Disputes

Disputes between members of staff, be that colleague to colleague, colleague to line manager, or even between board members.

General Problems

Employee/Director/Shareholder disputes of any nature.


Issues concerning absent personnel or those returning to work.

Outside HR

Disagreements amongst staff members that can’t be resolved by HR.


Any disagreement that has the potential to end up at an employment tribunal or be taken to court. (Or where a motion has been filed)


Issues arising from the recruitment and an applicant not receiving an actual or perceived level of due process as another.

Disciplinary Action

Disputes that might otherwise result in a formal disciplinary action being taken, or arising from such action already being taken.

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employment timeline

Outlining the employment mediation process:

Timeline following your decision to contract BHA Mediation to manage your employment dispute.

employment timeline

Initial Discussion

with referer of dispute

Private Sessions

with each party to gauge individual perspectives

The Mediation

all parties working through problems towards resolution

Settlement Agreement

legally bonding agreement drawn up and signed


provided to the organisation (if agreed by all parties)

Follow-up Calls

to check effectiveness of solution with each party

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employment fees

Fee structure for managing employment disputes:

BHA Mediation offers a number of options to best enable you to manage employment and workplace staffing matters quickly and efficiently.

employment fees

Half Day

for less complex issues
£499 (or £799 where company is paying/managing an internal dispute)
  • CMC Accredited Mediator
  • 3 Hours mediation included
  • £180 Per additional hour
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Weekends
  • Parties source venue

Standard Day

for typical workplace mediations
£899 (or £1499 where company is paying/managing an internal dispute)
  • CMC Accredited Mediator
  • 6 Hours (Full Day) mediation included
  • 1 Hour of pre-mediation work per party
  • £180 Per additional hour (pre/post mediation)
  • Support in sourcing venue


subscription mediation service
See Below priority mediations and save thousands over the course of 12 months!
  • 6, 10 and 20 day options available.
  • Tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • Significantly reduced lead times.
  • Combine multiple mediations into 1 day.
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Prices exclude VAT, chargeable at 20% (and travel, accommodation and subsistence). | Payment is required 14 days prior to the mediation, unless mediation to take place within the next 14 days, in which case it is payable on receipt of invoice. | Cancellation, less than or equal to 14 calendar days prior to the mediation will result in 50% of the fees being chargeable. Where cancellation is less than 10 days, then 75%, and where cancellation is less than 7 days, then 100%.

Employment and Workplace Mediation Subscription Service:

Workplace and employment subscription service pricing

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BHA Mediation mediators are fully accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and Align Mediation and have completed the necessary training, CPD and legislative requirements to mediate on your workplace dispute. In addition to being a member of the CMC, we are fully insured by Oxygen Insurance Brokers, and former panel members of CEDR and Clerksroom.


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