BHA Mediation: Mediating on Employment Disputes

BHA can support you in working towards resolutions to disputes involving a range of situations and settings within the realms of the employment world. Such issues can include salary negotiations, shareholder disagreements, recruitment and retention, as well as preventing matters escalating to union involvement.

What kinds of employment disputes can BHA support you with?

  • Disputes over employment conditions or contracts, such as pay, pensions, the working environment and even company cars.
  • Disagreements resulting from or resulting in grievance or disciplinary proceedings, or failure to adhere to company policies.
  • Any disagreement that has the potential to end up at an employment tribunal or be taken to court.
  • Former employees raising claims over unfair or constructive dismissal.
  • Issues arising from the recruitment and an applicant not receiving an actual or perceived level of due process as another.
  • Employee/Director/Shareholder disputes of any nature.
  • Disagreements amongst staff members that cannot be resolved by HR
  • Various other disputes as outlined in the Workplace Mediation Services section.


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Whatever your employment dispute, you can rely on BHA Mediation to help you find the right solution!

BHA Mediation mediators are fully accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and Align Mediation and have completed the necessary training, CPD and legislative requirements to mediate on your employment dispute. In addition to being a member of the CMC, we are fully incorporated, insured by Oxygen Insurance Brokers, ICO registered for Data Protection, and are also members of CEDA and panel members of Clerksroom.


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