September 23, 2019 BHAMediation

Do you have a civil or commercial dispute that you need resolved? Are you a solicitor with a client where mediation might be a better course of action than going to court? Do you have an issue with a colleague, family member or business partner? BHA Mediation is taking on new mediations from October 2019.

With a 100% success rate over the course of the last 12 months, typically within a half or full day, attending mediation is often the simplest and most cost effective route to a resolution. And most importantly, mediations leave you in control of the outcome, as opposed to leaving it in the hands of the legal system.

Currently worried and stressed about a dispute you might have? Can’t wait for legal action to resolve your issues? Worried about the costs of going to court and potentially not coming out on top? Concerned that taking matters further might ruin any chances for a potential reconciliation or  amicable relationship in the future? Not sure what alternatives are available?

Whatever your current dispute, BHA Mediation can support you in coming up with a solution that keeps all parties happy. BHA Mediation are here to help regardless of whether your issues are of a civil, commercial, workplace, employment, community or family nature.

Quite simply, if you need a mediator to resolve your commercial or civil issues, contact BHA Mediation today! We are currently taking on new clients from October 2019 and would love to help you in finding a resolution!




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