November 4, 2019 BHAMediation

We have been busy making some cool updates on our website over the  weekend…

Based on constructive feedback from current and prospective clients, peers, friends and family we have spent much of the weekend updating the website. Hopefully all can now benefit from improved readability, more content, and more importantly more relevant content in the right place!

One of the biggest changes we made was in creating a specific page for each type of mediation that we specialise in. Each page now contains the types of dispute we can support you with, testimonials from existing clients, an outline of the mediation process, the fee structure and pricing options to help you best choose which is most relevant to your issue, links to download the latest mediation guides and a contact form so you can contact us without ever leaving the page!

Check out these new pages by licking on the relevant link:

Civil | Commercial | Community | Employment | Family | Workplace

We have also updated other pages on the site, including:

The Mediation Process:
so you can get a comprehensive view on what to expect from mediation, as well as links to the specific types of mediation and their specific processes.

Mediation Documents:
so you are now able to locate all of our mediation guides in one specific place, as well as copies of our sample settlement agreements and mediation agreements.

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